The Roman Aquarium

The Facility Management company, Ise, is responsible for the ongoing management and supply of energy and services for the Aquarium of Rome. Through the investments made in the spectacular and innovative technological complex of the Aquarium, which is located in Rome, beneath Lake Eur (Rome’s Universal Exposition), ISE has built all the Aquarium’s systems for the production of electricity and heat, ventilation, and fumes. The Project Financing guarantees Ise multi-year exclusivity as the sole supplier of Facility Management (energy, cleaning, surveillance, fiber, etc.) for all the various components and commercial stakeholders of the Aquarium complex, including Merlyn Attractions Italy Srl (SeaLife).

The Roman Aquarium is a multimedia aquatic museum and exhibition complex, designed for the entertainment and education of its numerous visitors by means of its futuristic use of multiple technologies.

The main features of the structure are summarized below:

  • Approximately 18,000 square meters of halls and rooms sealed in a clear, watertight acrylic enclosure under the lake;
  • 40 premises for retail spaces (catering, bookshops, shops, children’s areas);
  • Auditorium for the projection of 4D films;
  • Learning and educational area;
  • 30 tanks and over 5,000 specimens selected from over a hundred marine species.
  • Multi-storey car park consisting of four underground floors with a capacity of almost 600 parking spaces.