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As a Company of ENERGIA CAPITALE Group our objective is to improve the energy efficiency of companies, implementing their energy transition and ensuring their sustainability.


What we do

We are committed to making our contribution to the energy transition towards a sustainable and lasting development model through the use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

Creating value

We create economic value from the efficient use of sustainable energy.


We design, build, and install high standard, high quality systems.

Respect for the environment

We follow the regulations in accordance with the required ecological transition.


Business Model

We create, distribute, and accumulate value, making ourselves more and more competitive every day.

Energy efficiency - E.S.Co.

We design, build, and manage systems to achieve savings on the Customer’s energy cost.

Full service

We identify the investments for the Customer to finance with the purpose of improving the company’s energy efficiency.

Energy supply

We ensure that the energy needs of our Customers are met, through the use of various electricity supply contracts.

Energy Farm

We develop new technologies for the implementation of innovative production processes in order to optimize energy production.


Our markets

Energia Capitale ESCo provides energy services for industrial companies with the aim of maximizing their efficiency, rationalizing consumption and the achieving “Environmental Comfort”

Consolidated efficiency solutions for immediate results and planned investments in compliance with production processes, regulations, and safety. The Customer is able to achieve savings from the very first months of supply by focusing their attention on the core business.

The continued and incremental focus on the development of high quality “Made in Italy” products has highlighted the age-old challenges of ensuring appropriate energy use in agriculture.

Energy efficiency applied to the sustainable development of the agri-food sector creates virtuous and innovative initiatives that also generate white certificates (Energy Efficiency Certificates) and allow access to development funds.

The creation of new, specialized centers provides the opportunity for high energy efficiency, as does the adaptation of obsolete systems for the purpose of bringing existing homes and clinics up to date.

Our Projects

Case History


Quality standard certifications

In 2018 Energia Capitale ESCo obtained the E.S.Co. Energy Service Company UNI CEI 11352: 2014 after having achieved the following quality standard certifications: ISO 9001:2015, 14001: 2015 and 45001: 2018.