Group companies

Our companies have developed and implemented energy projects throughout Italy in different sectors.

Energia Capitale

Energia Capitale ESCo has been active in the Italian energy market since 2016 as an Energy Service Company and as an Energy Producer.

The main objective is to support companies in the development of their performance by offering the best energy upgrading solutions and significant cost savings.

As an ideal strategic partner in the energy market, Energia Capitale ESCo aims to increase production activity by building new plants and revamping existing ones (combined heat and power plants, photovoltaic parks, combined cycles).

Zeus Energy

Zeus Energy Trading is a company operating in the Italian and European gas and electricity markets. It carries out direct sales, trading activities and portfolio hedging.

The company operates as a Shipper of Gas & Power and also positions itself in the market as a Supplier of several Distribution Users and Resellers.

CEA Farm

C.E.A. s.r.l is the Compagnia per l’Elettricità e l’Acquacoltura di Gorizia (Gorizia’s Electricity and Aquaculture Company), established to produce electricity through cogeneration, photovoltaic and animal fat power plants. Today, it operates through the combined cycle of different production sources: natural gas cogeneration, heat energy recovery, photovoltaics and biomass.

A part of its activity is dedicated to agricultural production through aquaponic greenhouse cultivation, using thermal and photovoltaic energy, with the aim of producing plant products with zero contamination, no polluting emissions into the atmosphere and in a continuous cycle.