A gala evening for Energia Capitale

A gala evening organized by Energia Capitale took place in the splendid Villa Alberico, a historic residence located in the heart of the Via Appia Antica in Rome, which saw the participation of an exceptional audience.

The event, organized with the precious contribution of SAFE, brought together a rich audience of influential personalities from the world of business, energy, institutions and sport and had the aim of creating an opportunity for meeting, networking and business and celebrate the commitment of Energia Capitale, now ten years old, on key issues such as sustainable development, innovation and circular economy.

An evening that laid the foundations for new synergies, in which guests had the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives, thus helping to promote a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Energy as a fundamental driver of life and economy, but also of a modern and effective corporate culture, a vision that today makes Energia Capitale a highly dynamic and continuously growing Company, promoter of new and ambitious projects.

Projects that embrace the world of industry, energy, but also entertainment and culture.

Sport that Energia Capitale and SAFE understand as a healthy bearer of essential values ​​such as determination, sacrifice and perseverance which play a unifying and inspiring role for any reality oriented towards improving its performance and aiming to achieve excellent results.

These are the words of our CEO, Nicola Ferretti, during his speech on stage: “This year marks the tenth anniversary of activity for Energia Capitale a story made of challenges, goals and unforgettable moments. Ours is a concrete commitment to the transition through ambitious projects that we will carry forward also thanks to the partnership with SAFE, with which we are happy to share this splendid path of collaboration“.