The energy of reading – 2021 

Partnership with the Humpback Whale publishing house

In partnership with the Balena Gobba publishing house, Energia Capitale intends to convey its passion for energy and involve readers in the projects it is implementing. 

Through the illustrated pages of the books, we want to convey the importance of saving energy, limiting waste and pollution. 

Through the eyes of children we want to tell how we have taken up the challenges of the future by promoting wonderful projects full of ambition: 

  • urban and social regeneration through aeroponic greenhouse production and aquaculture
  • the creation of traditional and technological aquariums to spread the love for the sea and the preservation of its ecosystem; 
  • the development of technology for new, cleaner and less energy-intensive lighting;
  • the creation of green roofs in shopping centres with eco-friendly paths.

Over the next three years, using the colours, pen and magic of the Humpback Whale, we want to publish our stories and support those who have courageously chosen to promote culture.