With the aim of creating value and social welfare, we have chosen to diversify our offer by developing projects globally and in different sectors.


  1. Efficiency: search for the best reliable, sustainable and innovative solutions for sustainability, in compliance with production processes and regulations in the field of safety and environmental protection.
  2. Trading: activities in the natural gas and electricity markets to meet the energy needs of large companies and resellers.
  3. Energy producers: investment in power plants to increase energy production.


With the contribution of an in-house Technical Scientific Committee, made up of figures with recognised expertise and experience in the energy sector and cutting-edge technologies, we invest in the research and development of innovative projects, guaranteeing long-term results while complying with production processes and regulations on safety and environmental protection.

Energy Farm

Our goal is the start-up of agricultural and industrial production through the exploitation of new or existing energy production plants.

We implement innovative production processes for the implementation of agricultural production in greenhouses based on aquaponics technology and the start-up of industrial activities aimed at production, recovery and recycling.

& Healthcare

Energia Capitale invests in projects to relaunch activities in the world of entertainment and health by identifying which objectives:

  • value creation and social welfare, valuing stability and continuity;
  • energy conversion and upgrading aimed at self-sustainable consumption and improved image and performance.